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Learning Web Academy is a training institute based out of Bengaluru, India. Headed by it’s founder, Vikram Sampat, LWA made quite a few strides in last one year. One of the strongest decision taken by Vikram was to introduce Rajni Vennupali as their new Marketing Strategist. Rajni and Payal, Marketing Head of LWA, came together to successfully take up many challenges like Increasing conversions, creating a new targeting strategies, defining goals and technology solutions for the website.

Due to all these steps, Vikram was able to rope in an angel investor who agreed to put up significant amount of money in the business if Vikram and his team were able to increase the number of customers on the website.

Vikram wants his team to actually think about conversion as well. Whereas it’s extremely important to increase the number of customers due to investment clause, but to create a profitable business he needs to ensure that his top line and bottom line also reflect the same success that he has seen in last one year. At this point Vikram has highlighted that he would want to have at least USD 25,000 of revenue per day from his platform. Though they have hit this number in the past, but not with as much of regularity as he would want. Therefore this time he has mandated that this has to be the least that the team has to aim for every single day.

Now, you, as a great analyst that you are, have been tasked to come up with your own ideas which Rajni can probably use to pitch, and come up with a concrete plan to implement solutions.

Please download the data from the link here

There are 7 columns in this dataset:

  1. Days since today
  2. Revenue
  3. Avg. Discount per order
  4. Number of orders
  5. New sessions
  6. Marketing spend per order

Please do post score of your model or any question that you might have in the comments below.


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